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The World’s First NAD+ Phyto Elixir

100% natural, whole foods, plant based nutrition.

• 1248 scientifically proven, biochemical pathway actions

• Optimises metabolism & nutrition

• Harmonises energy levels

• Promotes healthy aging

• Promotes athletic performance

• Mental clarity & concentration

• Gene sequencing & silencing

• Protects against sun rays & UVB

• DNA & cell repair

• Modulates NAD levels

• Can be used by everyone

NAD+ Phyto is a nutritional product formulated to enhance and modulate cellular metabolism.

Live every day like it’s your first with NAD+ Phyto Elixir, which converts everything you consume into everything you are and everything you do. One of the most complex but nuanced elixirs you will ever come across in this world. A treasure trove of 300+ botanicals in which you are always discovering new delights and aspects with each encounter. It goes beyond basic nutrition. 

Each atomized oral serving a symphony of abundance for your cells, pulsing optimal health and well-being. A feast of carefully selected and extracted botanicals in their purest form through cold maceration, then ingeniously blended with the Nutripyn base (Nappi Code 707320-001). From the founders of NAD Oscillation Therapy (NOT), Dr. Francois van Wyk & Theo Verwey

The world’s first!


Dr. Francois van Wyk – MBChB, MBA Medical Consultant for FirstNAD


There’s an old saying that “you are what you eat.” When it comes to NAD Plus Phyto, this is definitely true.

My memory and concentration improved within a week! Thank you

Corrie Kruger

Baie dankie. Ek ervaar defnitief ‘n groot verskil in my lyfpyn en slaap soveel beter. Ek is opgewonde oor die langtermyn voordele.

Gerda Joubert

Ek glo as jy als wegvat in jou lewe maar jy behou jou gesondheid, dan het jy alles wat jy nodig het. Dit is waarom ek Firstnad Plus Phyto as my daaglikse NAD aanvulling gebruik.

Ek het 20 jaar terug by Theo Verwey uitgekom en sedert daardie dag het ek nog nooit een dag oorgeslaan met my NAD nie. My lewe het van siek na gesond verander. Ek lewe ‘n vol en dankbare lewe

Johanna Beukes

It’s been 3 months since I’ve started my elderly mom on NAD Plus Phyto supplements and she has already regained a certain amount of memory. We are delighted!

Sue van Zyl

I have zero control over the fact that I am aging – but I have total control over how I handle it. NAD Plus Phyto complements my diet. I love the fact that I can add all these wonderful tiny food particles to my daily diet.

To me, this is magic!

Lesley Joans